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Transmission Repair and Rebuild Services in Monroe, NC

At Twin Transmission, we take pride in being one step ahead of the competition for both diagnostic testing and repair. If you need a transmission rebuild and transmission repair in Monroe, NC, or the surrounding area, you can count on the professionals at Twin Transmission.

The caliber of service that we offer at Twin Transmission is outstanding. With vehicles, there comes a time when things begin to wear out. This is true regardless of the make and model. One system in particular that needs attention as a vehicle ages is the transmission, since even small problems can turn into big and expensive fixes if not quickly and properly addressed.

For 30 years, we have worked hard to build a solid reputation for being an honest, hard-working, and highly efficient company that works on vehicle transmission problems. Today, our trained mechanics perform approximately 1,000 transmission rebuilds every year. That alone shows just how much people in North Carolina and beyond trust what we do.

Because our mechanics are extensively trained and experienced, they can diagnose and fix any transmission-related problem. In addition to a skilled team of mechanics, people who work the front-end of the business provide unrivaled customer service. From the minute you arrive at Twin Transmission to the time you leave, you will feel valued.

Along with incredibly skilled mechanics, one reason that so many people turn to us at Twin Transmission has to do with our warranty. The standard industry warranty on a transmission rebuild is two years and 24,000 miles. However, we offer a three-year warranty with unlimited miles. That means that regardless of how often or far you drive within a given year, you are fully protected during the entire warranty period.

We understand that having a transmission rebuilt or needing transmission repair in Monroe, NC, can be an unexpected expense. To reduce your stress level, we offer 0% financing for all service work performed. If you are on a tight budget, we are more than happy to devise a viable payment plan.

Another reason for choosing Twin Transmission is that we offer customers incentives. You can visit the front page of our website to learn more about a $200 discount when having transmission-related work done. To feel even more confident in the services that we provide, you will find that many satisfied customers leave positive feedback on service related websites.

Especially if you have been victimized by a “bait and switch” scheme in which you were quoted one thing but charged a price that was much higher, we want you to know that Twin Transmission is honest and trustworthy. For that reason, we always provide pricing upfront.

We have served thousands of customers throughout the past 30 years and look forward to helping with your transmission problem. For the best transmission rebuild and transmission repair services in Monroe, NC, and the surrounding area, Twin Transmission is unbeatable.

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