Facts About Transmission Rebuilding

Talk about transmission rebuilding tends to strike fear into the hearts of car owners everywhere. Due to the fact of who only knows about the price which comes with a rebuild. But, while there is some truth to this fear, this is also a lot that is just completely untrue. When it comes to transmission rebuilds, make sure that you know as much as possible before you start jumping to conclusions. Here are a couple facts about transmission rebuilds, to help you learn a little more.

1. Transmission Shop vs Regular Mechanic

The simple truth is that it is usually much cheaper to take your car to a transmission shop for a transmission rebuild than it would be to take it elsewhere. Regardless, it will still cost a pretty penny, but by going to a transmission shop you can save you a lot of money. The cost of the rebuild comes from the amount of work that goes into it. Rebuilding transmissions are not jobs for young mechanics who are still learning for this reason, which just makes it even more reason to be sure you go to a transmission repair shop.

2. A Rebuilt Transmission Can Be Better Quality

If you are someone with a certain set of needs that come with your car, then when it comes to rebuilding the transmission, discuss these needs with your mechanic. Say, for example, your car needs to be able to handle daily heavy loads with no problems. Your original transmission may have struggled under the strain, but a rebuilt one can be made to fit these specific needs so that there is less of a strain, and less of a chance of transmission problems occurring.

3. Your Dealer is Not Always the Better Option

When it comes to a transmission rebuild, or pretty much any type of service for your car, your dealer is probably going to charge you a lot more than any mechanic. A transmission rebuild provides a perfect opportunity for them to get more money out of you, when you can get the same service done for much less as a transmission shop. But, the care you receive is also likely to vary greatly. Where a dealership is likely to treat you kindly, but not provide more customized service, a transmission shop will work to ensure you are happy with the service you receive.

4. You Can Still Have a Warranty

If your warranty is already expired, you may be worried about not having coverage for this rebuild. But, you can rest assured that there are transmission repair shops that will proudly give you a warranty. Twin Transmissions in Charlotte, NC will give customers getting a transmission rebuild a three-year warranty, with no limit on the mileage put on the new transmission.

Do these facts make you feel more comfortable about the idea of a transmission rebuild? It is worth noting that just because you are having transmission problems, the answer does not have to immediately be a rebuild. Sometimes it is just something small that needs fixing. So, always talk to a transmission repair specialist before you start saying yes to anything drastic.

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