Guide to Rebuilding your Transmission

So, your car has started to shake in between shifts? Are you starting to hear some loud clunking noises as well? Are your friends and family scared to take your car because of it? Well, it might just mean you’re having some transmission issues. As you’ve probably heard before, transmission issues are a serious and expensive ordeal. Transmissions are so intricate and complex that it is highly recommended to take extra time and care towards attempting to fix your own. There is no universal guide towards rebuilding a transmission, because each make and model may need an extra step or part that another might not. However, there is a general process for rebuilding a transmission that can be applied to each experience.

First thing’s first, you should check your transmission fluid. If the fluid running low was your problem, then you have dodged a bullet. If your fluid levels are fine, then you need to find the proper guide for your specific transmission. Without it, you may miss some crucial steps needed for it to perform its best. Those steps may also be what hold the entire thing together and without them the whole transmission would be useless. Once you have your specific guide, take some time to look through it. Study it and make sure you know what to expect. As I mentioned above, transmission repair is a time consuming and complex task. If you’re positive you’re up to it, then we can move on.

After you have the guide on your transmission, you can disassemble the part and search for the problem. You will generally be able to find the issue during this part of the task. If you’d like to avoid replacing your entire transmission, which can be costly, then take your time on this. If done properly, you can simply repair the piece and keep that extra money you saved in your pocket. During the disassembly, each part should be inspected, even if it isn’t malfunctioning. Outdated parts should be replaced before they can begin to malfunction. This may bring up the price of what you thought would be a cheap fix, but you’re definitely saving yourself a headache down the road. Seals and gaskets should be replaced no matter the age. If you’ve replaced the parts that needed replacing, then you should begin to clean each part. This may seem tedious, but a dirty part is at risk of malfunctioning. Again, you’re doing yourself a favor by completing this extra step.

I haven’t taken the time to actually go into the process because there is no better substitute than a professional or your own personal guide on your exact transmission. Transmissions are such vital components to each car that they should only be handled by those with experience. Learning to rebuild a transmission should be practiced on a project car or an old transmission. There are many mechanics out there that would be more than happy to assist you, so looking up a professional near you is your best bet.

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