Sample Transmission Repair Costs

“Oh, why me? Why now?” That’s probably the first thing that came to mind when you took in your car and the mechanic told you that your transmission was having some serious problems. Actually, that mixed in with some foul language is probably what you were thinking. After hearing the bad news, you probably hopped online to check what the pricing would be to rebuild, repair, or replace a transmission. Well, there is no specific number for your mechanic, because your transmission may or may not be worse than the next guy. It isn’t like an oil change where the cost is placed on the wall when you come in. No, this is definitely going to take some TLC and the proper amount of time.

If you’re still looking for a price, then all you will probably find are ballpark figures. So, let’s run the numbers, starting by simply filling up your transmission fluid. This is the most affordable transmission problem you can have and it should run you under $100. Having low or dirty transmission fluid can cause your transmission to work improperly, so pay attention to it. You’ll definitely be happier knowing your transmission fluid was the problem, but keep the levels in the right range will avoid any future complications.

Now, for basic repairs, the price is going to jump up much higher. Basic repairs include disassembly, replacement of any old, broken, or dirty pieces, and then reassembly. The entire process could take anywhere from 1-4 days and cost in between $1000 – $2000. The pieces may not be as expensive, but the labor costs are what drive the price as high as it is. It truly takes a professional to do the job right, so it may seem expensive, but it’s worth the price. Not only doing the job right, but doing the job right the first time is important for your satisfaction.

If you need an entire transmission replacement, then the price will take another big jump. Replacement is needed if basic repairs won’t do and the replacement of the bigger components isn’t an option either. It is the worst nightmare of someone that takes their car in because of transmission issues. A salvaged, or “used,” transmission will cost anywhere from $1000 – $1500. If you choose to buy a salvaged transmission, be sure to have it checked. Making sure it works properly will help you avoid wasting money. A rebuilt transmission will cost you $1500 – $2500 because it has been successfully rebuilt by a professional and has the working component and the right pieces replaced. A re-manufactured transmission will cost in between $2500 – $3500, because this has been inspected professionals at the manufacturing company. The higher figures are obviously for higher end vehicles, so if your car is older or a more affordable model, it shouldn’t run that high. For a more detailed quote on your car, you should definitely have a conversation with your mechanic. They have the best idea of what the job will cost you.

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