Transmission Rebuild

Avoiding Major Transmission Repairs in Monroe, NC

Did you know that by learning some of the basics pertaining to your vehicle’s transmission, there is a good chance that a major and expensive repair can be prevented? When facing a potential transmission-related problem, you have the opportunity to take action before it worsens. Of course, if your vehicle has already reached a point of not running, gears grinding, slipping out of gear, or something else, our expert mechanics at Twin Transmission are here to help. Simply put, with a little bit of information, you can spot a potential problem early on.

When a problem with the vehicle’s transmission is identified, it is essential that you bring it to us at Twin Transmission so that a proper diagnosis can be made. Based on the finding, a mechanic will recommend the best solution, whether you need a transmission rebuild, transmission repair, or another service in Monroe, NC.

Another way to avoid a major problem with the transmission is by having one of our mechanics perform a maintenance check. After all, prevention is always the best option. Ultimately, you will save a significant amount of money on repairs that could have easily been avoided.

Start by looking where you park your vehicle for any leaked fluid. This should be done about twice a month, giving you the chance to stop a potentially major problem from developing. Remember, with a rebuilt transmission or if your vehicle is getting older, leaks are common.

Now, every automobile manufacturer provides a recommended timetable for having the transmission fluid changed. However, because only 65% of the fluid is changed during professional maintenance, you actually want the fluid replaced more often. If the level of transmission fluid is low, it will begin to burn. It will also become old and dirty, at which time your vehicle no longer has adequate protection.

Something else of importance is that whenever your vehicle is in forward motion, you want to avoid trying to shift into park or reverse. By doing this, you would hear a grinding noise and feel hesitation. Worse yet, this can actually ruin the entire transmission.

The same is true by forcing the gears to shift. Even if you are in a rush to get somewhere, take a moment to place one foot on the brake prior to shifting. As a result, you will avoid forcing the gears to do something that they were not designed to do.

The bottom line, all vehicle makes and models are susceptible to transmission problems. However, being aware of telltale signs that something is wrong will make all the difference in the world. As mentioned, if the transmission in your vehicle already has a problem, you can trust the work to be performed by our highly qualified mechanics at Twin Transmission.

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