Understanding What Your Transmission Should Sound Like

Facing issues with your car—no matter what type of repair will be needed—can be a very dreadful experience for even the most seasoned car owner. One of the telltale signs of an automobile issue is hearing a strange sound emanating from your vehicle—everyone has heard the like at least once. But, is this noise something that should cause you worry?

The simple answer is yes. Any noise that is out of the ordinary for your vehicle should be addressed as soon as possible, for it could indicate a serious issue. Also, vehicles are becoming increasingly more complex, so listening for irregularities in your car will allow you to get it serviced by a trusted mechanic before a serious issue occurs. Understanding what sounds your car is exhibiting can also be beneficial, for it will allow a mechanic to diagnose an issue with more ease. To help you identify some more common sounds, below are common transmission sounds that may indicate an issue.

A high-pitched whining noise 

If you hear a high-pitched whining noise emanating from your car that gets worse when in reverse, then you may have a clogged transmission filter. The noise occurs because the transmission fluid is being constrained from flowing through the filter. A clogged transmission filter can also be indicative of more severe transmission damage. 

Gurgling noises

 If you hear gurgling noises originating from your car, this is usually indicative of the transmission fluid in your vehicle being very low. This sound occurs when there is not enough fluid to fully enter and lubricate the transmission system. When this occurs, the air pockets interact with the fluid to create the sound. Keeping your transmission fluid to the correct level, and ensuring it is clean, are the best preventative methods to avoid transmission issues.

 Whining or grinding 

When you drive your vehicle, if you hear whining or grinding noises, this could indicate a problem with the planetary gear in your vehicle. Within an automatic transmission, if even one part of the planetary gear is damaged, then the whole system is rendered inoperable. If you hear such noises, you should stop driving and get the car serviced immediately.

What should a transmission sound like, you may be wondering? A transmission, when it is in working order at least, should not be exhibiting any of the above noises. Your vehicle should not constantly be experiencing a chorus of whining and grinding if it is in serviceable condition. Knowing how to properly identify when your transmission is out of order, simply by the sound of it, can save you time and money on repairs.

When a mystery sound comes from your vehicle, especially when you think the transmission may be the cause, pay attention to your vehicle speed, engine load, and transmission range, as these will assist your mechanic in being able to quickly identify the issue. Being able to notice an issue with your transmission will give you a peace of mind and will prepare you for any potential issue that may arise. For more information regarding transmission, visit the website for Transmission Repair Monroe today!

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