Ways Transmission Repair Grows Costly

When considering a transmission repair or rebuilt, there are several factors that you should consider which ends up affecting the cost of repairs. Depending upon the service required and the needed parts, the cost may vary from one dealer to the other. Here are some of the ways that transmission repair grows costly.

Make and model

There is no way transmission repair of a high-end car can be compared with that of a standard car. High-end vehicles are more luxurious and expensive than standard cars which mean that it is not only their market value which is high, but also the maintenance. Rare cars might also increase the cost of the repairs. Thus, the make and the model of the car can skyrocket the cost of the repair.

Different dealers

The job at hand is the same no matter which dealer you visit but each one of them has a pricing structure that they use for their rates. This might depend on the reputation that they have in terms of experience and customer service, their location also plays a big role since if they are in a high-end location, their transmission repair rates will also be high.


Location of the car is also a key factor in transmission cost increase. Like mentioned above, the location of the dealer plays a big role and the same case applies to that of the car. The scarcity of auto shops or skilled professionals to fix the transmission can also increase the repair as those that are skilled in the area will know that you do not have an option. With higher demands of the repair services, you can be guaranteed of a high cost.

Transmission type

It is widely stated that any manual transmission repair or rebuild is normally cheaper than one done to an automatic transmission. This means that the type of transmission may also determine how high the repair costs will be.

Transmission age

The age of the transmission to be repaired may also determine the cost. If the transmission has been through a lot and numerous rebuilds have been done, some dealers may increase the price as it is highly updated using modern parts while others may decrease the cost with reasons that they have faced extent damages. Newer cars are also easy to repair than old cars. How old the car is may increase the transmission repair cost.

Availability of the transmission 

When there is scarcity even in the food market, the prices tend to go up and this is the same case with transmissions. If the required parts in the transmission repair are not available and takes a while to get them, you can be guaranteed that the repair cost will not be that pocket-friendly. If there is a huge availability, the cost will definitely come down.

This is how transmission repair grows costly if proper attention is not given. The process can yet be cost-effective if you carry out enough research on the associated costs.

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